Insurance Claims

Making Insurance Claims

We regularly work with insurance companies and loss adjusters to undertake restoration following damage from natural or accidental causes. We give full descriptive statements to insurance companies. We can arrange transportation and storage of all items of furniture for as long as required.

Whether through flood, fire or impact, all accidental damage, we are there to ensure that you will be relieved and happy with the restoration of your furniture.  From estimate to completion and delivery, we provide a full service to you to ensure that you get everything back to normal as soon as possible. In cases of extreme disaster, having your own furniture lovingly restored can bring the heart back to a home that may have been completely stripped of all original fittings and carpets.

If you are in the unfortunate position of having suffered flood, fire or other disasters, we are the preferred company for the leading restoration companies. We offer a full service to support you in your insurance claim, including controlled drying and full repair and restoration to your furniture.

For smaller accidents such as indent damage or water marks to your furniture or fittings, often your household insurance will cover the cost of repair and restoration. If you are handling the claim yourself, call us for a damage assessment and we will provide written estimates for your insurance company, and handle the payment process for you.

For damage caused by removals, again we will provide the estimates and deal direct with your removal company to ensure swift repair, restoration and return of your furniture.

We can also colour blend new and original fittings together to give a cohesive appearance or age and distress new fittings to make them appear antique.




All furniture is thoroughly cleaned, disinfected & sterilised. All bare wood is sealed and the finish brought back to new. Antique furniture is carefully restored back to a suitable standard for its age and value.