Prevention is better than cure! Whether you’ve recently had some professional restoration or maintenance applied to your furniture or simply want to know how best to maintain your traditional or modern polished wood surfaces, there are a few important rules

Keep it dry!

Most of the damage to timbers that we see is caused by water. So be careful to protect your polished surfaces from accidents caused by, for example, watering your plants, standing a damp vase on your newly polished table or putting a cup of tea down on top of your piano!

Keep it cool!

Strong sunlight will cause your furniture to fade, and hot atmospheres will cause the wood to dry out, and damage polished surfaces. Avoid standing furniture against radiators and in bright windows. If this is unavoidable protect it by pulling the curtains when the room isn’t in use.

To avoid uneven fading, move your furniture around from time to time,  expose the leaves on your table to ensure you maintain an even colour balance. And don’t put your hot plates down on a polished table without a heat proof cloth or table mat underneath.

Keep it maintained!

Don’t use cleaning products which contain silicone, as this will cause deterioration of the lacquer. Careful and very occasional use of a barely damp cloth will lift dirt, or sticky marks, but follow this immediately with a dry burnishing duster. Rub the wood in the same direction as the grain, rather than across it to avoid scratching.

Open grained timbers e.g. oak, ash or teak will benefit from an occasional light wax dressing. This will help to protect from moisture, but only use natural beeswax polish (check the label for contents). Most good furniture stores sell it, but if you can’t locate any give us a call, we always have it in stock.

Keep checking!

Look for signs of deterioration, extra fading, weathering, discolouration, loosened veneers or joints.  Don’t delay the repair of a protective finish. Come to us for advice, an early repair or simple maintenance may save your furniture from a much bigger and more expensive rescue job later.